Ramadan recipe: Lamb margoogat

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Ingredients: Lamb leg boneless: 150 gms; Lamb stock powder: 15 gms; Cinnamon sticks: 3 gms; Garlic fresh: 6 gms; Onion red peeled: 90 gms; Turmeric powder: 3 gms; Coriander powder: 5 gms; Cumin powder: 1 gms; Bezar Spices: 3 gms; Chilli powder: 1 gms; Madras curry powder: 1 gm; Tomato fresh: 150 gms; Tomato paste: 30 gms; Coriander fresh: 15 gms; Baby marrow: 50 gms; Potato peeled: 50 gms; Khubus bread: 50 gms; carrots: 50 gms; Corn oil: 15 gms; Dry lemon: 5 gms. | Procedure: Heat the corn oil in thick bottom pan and Sautee onion slices and add cinnamon sticks, fresh chopped garlic and add all spices powder cook it along with tomato paste and potato, carrot and lamb. Add some water, dry lemon and allow it to cook for 20 minutes then add rest all the vegetables and cook it further for 10 minutes. Season it and finish it with Khubus.

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