Ramadan recipe: Wild rocca and beetroot salad

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The holy month of Ramadan has started and everyday millions of those observing fast eagerly look forward to iftar. Here's a light and easy-to-prepare salad for Ramadan. Brought to you by KT Kitchen. | Ingredients (serves 2): Beetroot (boiled): 250 gms; Wild Rocca: 200 gms; Labneh: 150 gms; Sesame seeds: 10 gms; Tahina: 60 gms; White onion: 20 gms; salt: 2 gms | Dressing: Olive oil: 60 ml; Lemon juice: 15 gms; Whole grain mustard: 5 ml; Honey: 15 gm; Salt: 3 gms; Crushed black pepper: 0.5 gms. | Procedure: Boil beetroot make thin slices and mix labneh with tahini and season it. Make dressing with all the ingredients. Mix everything in dressing and plate up.

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