Alum, फि‍टकरी | Health benefit | फि‍टकरी के ये फायदे, दूर कर देंगे कई परेशानी

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Alum also known as Fitkari फि‍टकरी is the name usually provided to 2 common salts- that is potassium aluminum phosphate as well as ammonium aluminum sulphate. It has been utilized for more than 2,000 years in the wide range of applications. Earlier it was regularly manufactured as well as utilized for pickling, canning, tanning leather and baking etc... From then on, its use in food processing progressively decreased due to security concerns over its side effects. Professionals within the fields of medicine as well as health care, however, still use it to deal with injuries as well as some diseases. Find out here some other really amazinf benefits of using Alum फि‍टकरी.

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